The revolution to office desking that designers and workplace managers have been searching for has finally arrived. And it is selling like HOTCAKES!


The designer’s logic was inspired at his Granny’s 80th birthday lunch, where he didn’t even get to talk to the birthday girl, because he was sat at the opposite end of a long rectangular table. Throughout the lunch he thought, “a circular table would be more sociable. Everyone would get to see each other, eye-to-eye and face-to-face. It would be a lot more enjoyable allowing everyone to connect with each other and I would be able to chat to Gran!”


Applying the basic ethos of circular verses rectangular in the working environment kicks off a refreshing team harmony and shared project spirit. In fact, sat at a circular desk prompts the most positive types of working. This is true with a HOTCAKES desk as it feels much more energising than sat at a standard rectangular table. As a team you become sociable, flexible and are prepared to collaborate and connect as one. It is uplifting both personally and for entire floors. The chemistry is totally bonding for the teams, joining people together and instantly aids relationships, opening up the communication from trouble shooting through to “what did you do at the weekend?” With the design of the legs set far back to the centre there are no divides, it is much more comfortable and even assists people to easily swing their chairs around together to brainstorm or huddle around your colleagues wedding photos.


The attraction doesn’t stop there. Within a space filled with HOTCAKES the flow and movement of the spaces is completely loosened-up creating a very collaborative environment. You can even fit in 20-25% more people in this reinvented environment when compared with a rammed-in call centre, filled to the brim with rectangular tables. From the same desk surface area, the same ergonomics and the same essentials that you get from rectangular desks, HOTCAKES naturally fit more people into the same space.


With the circular design of the HOTCAKES a big bonus is the need for no longer having to cram the rectangular tables against the walls; you gain masses of wall space boundary for storage, lockers or whiteboards. HOTCAKES even keep the perimeter glass free of clutter, since lets face it, no one wants to see your under-desk mess through the external glazing from ground level! Dead-ends no longer exist; row, after row, after row of desks are replaced by large circular plates that look spectacular.


You also get a choice, HOTCAKES come in two different sizes; eight or five people per a desk. Flexibility is a great gain as is you can fill the spaces or have as few people per your HOTCAKES as you like. For your team to expand, unite, modify, move around or work on the go, you simply just add more task chairs and a screen for those not working from a laptop.


The function of this revolution continues to progress; through full-blown cable management for IT and power you can get air chargers for your phone, USB and 240V plugs all where you need them the most; at desk level. HOTCAKES has also been designed with the ability to clamp any monitor arm or angle poise desk lamp to the inner circle wherever you like. You can even add your own twist and configure your HOTCAKES in any special colour or even cover the top with a glitter gold star for a one off bespoke desk just for you.


These circular desks are one of those blindingly obvious ideas that you’d wish you’d thought up.


HOTCAKES products are certified, tested and approved under FIRA requirements. The desks are made in the UK to avoid August shutdowns, allowing no delay in your order.


Order direct from our website or speak to your London based account on our HOTLINE 0203 137 0327