Circles, spheres, curves, arches are a vital component in the invention of almost everything that we see around us. Without the simple understanding of circles, the world would not be anything like it is today. A circle is one of the greatest inventions, a shape with many symbolic connotations representing some powerful meanings with universal understanding.



The circle has become a crucial part of modern enterprise; designed thousands of years ago the wheel may be a simple object but is one of the greatest achievements. The wheel or rather the circle has become a vital and fundamental part of all human inventions. It is the cornerstone in the foundation of science and technology. It is the basic tool of all engineers and designers. The greatest artists and architects use it everyday. [1]



The word circle originates from Old French cercle, from Latin circulus ‘small ring’, diminutive of circus ‘ring’. A ring is used as a sign of eternity and ever lasting. When people marry they use a ring as a sign of the love for one another and the joining together as one.


wedding rings

A circle is a round figure, which the circumference consists of point equidistant from the fixed centred point. A circle has an equal centre point it has a main focus. The main focus when you are sat at a hotcakes is you are sat towards each other with equal space; perfect for nurturing ideas, working together and ensuring everything is clearly completed. Working at a hotcakes desk is important for the correct communication; allowing for equal inclusion, focusing on the wholeness of the group and unity.

sat in a circle

Communication is key to great business. Think about how we communicate when we go out for dinner, we sit around the table. How we communicate with our friends when we go for a beer after work on a Friday, we stand in a circle. This is all because we like to share and include people. You can’t miss the body language and true facial expressions when you go for dinner or miss out on the jokes at the pub if you are sat looking in the wrong direction or stood in the wrong places. We are taught from a young age that sitting in a circle is very important for communication. Who remembers sitting in a circle and singing nursery rhymes or telling stories? Well maybe if you can’t remember, I’m sure you’ll remember your children doing it. Grandchildren?? Well it is true, at school you sit in a circle and you share your work. So why should this be any different in our adult working life. We need to sit together to share our work, to collaborate, to communicate.


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