This is no boring office desk and you can certainly see that it is a fun company through the choice of photography to show case the hotcakes desk. Photographer James Nader was able to bring the table to life, showing elements of the table in everyday use and how this furniture is also a statement piece you will want in your office.



From the photo shoot you can see hotcakes is not just a desk to sit at and be boring. The desk is there to inspire you to think and work differently, be creative, enjoying some table tennis, have some fun and get the scalelectrics out.


The opening to hotcakes is of a beautiful girl alluring you in as she lying on top of the table surrounded by the bright coloured cupcakes tempting you to find out about the product and what it is all about.


Danny Defreitas did the hair and makeup for the shoot and we absolutely love the colour and gold leaf around Ellie’s eyes. Such a striking look. And this is exactly what the hotcakes desks are all about, creating something outstanding. Choose your desk; add some colour and you’ve designed something original!


The desk is not just a beautiful design but it is well durable. It is a large table and is designed to have a maxim of eight people sit at the desk. With the weight of monitors, people leaning and your large cup of coffee it’s going to have to be a strong table. So why not show this off and play a bit of golf! David stood in the middle and prepared himself to T off the hotcakes.


Hotcakes is designed for all use, from a full table of eight to a hot-desk; grab a seat, plug your laptop in and charge your phone on the Pixel and away you go!