You may expect a company that sell deliciously hot, perfectly round, scrummy pancakes; the kind you love to drizzle in syrup, pour on chocolate and enjoy with berries. But Hotcakes are a company who design and sell perfectly round office desks; the kind you want to work at, which give you inspiration and enjoy your working environment.


Take a second and look at where you are sat, look at your desk, look at the people around you. Are you all squashed up with nowhere to go? Is Andrew’s papers creeping into your area? When you asked Lucy for the morning reports did you feel like you were shouting across the room or did you just end up emailing her, even though she sits only three seats away?


Working like this is not enjoyable and it is no wonder we get frustrated at work. When you have no space but you still have little face-to-face interaction with people. Hotcakes the company is about changing the way we work. Working on a circular desk brings you closer together, creating a better flow of communication but still allows you to have the space and room to concentrate and focus clearly on your day’s tasks.

An office should be filled with inspiration and productivity. Hotcakes desks are exquisitely designed and perfectly manufactured; by adding a touch of colour it takes it away from the gloomy and dull. Hotcakes are designed for you to enjoy coming into work and sitting at your desk.

Could you imagine walking into work one day and the desks are round, they have colour and one even has a large gold glitter star in the centre. Go for it, let your imagination run wild and design a finish to your hotcakes desk, which makes you love coming into work everyday!

Hotcakes design, manufacture and deliver furniture solutions for your office or workspace. Hotcakes have redesigned the 9 to 5; no office will be the same again.