What a weekend HOTCAKES had at Le Mans 24 hours with Eurasia Motorsport Le Sports car #33. There were tense times when the #33 Nissan ORECA remained two laps behind after a throttle position sensor glitch put them in the pit garage. Displaying the same time efficiency values that HOTCAKES share, the Eurasia team quickly identified and dealt with the problem. Determination led them climbing their way up the leaderboard to an incredible 9th place overall – for their first time in one of the world’s greatest motor races – and 5th place in the LMP2 class. Having been 20th in qualifying, the Eurasia racing team ensured the car travelled more than full circle to recover their¬†earlier thwarted efforts to qualify on pole. With a 600,000 strong crowd & 100 million viewers, this was a fantastic opportunity for HOTCAKES to be involved in a brand that promotes innovation at the heart of everything they do.

Hotcakes 3

Hotcakes 1

Slick teamwork was a major part of the smooth operation to reach such a high overall finishing place. Just like the Eurasia team, quick thinking and inspiration led HOTCAKES to this unique sponsorship deal. Disruptive office furniture for the greater good of design and life at work is the message HOTCAKES promotes. HOTCAKES has future-proofed the functionality and efficiencies of office furniture to innovate and transform. A successful event all ROUND that definitely deserves a good celebration.