HOTCAKES have been mixing up a gorgeous red for the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick. WMG have chosen a bright bold red for their HOTCAKES which will be installed into their offices the end of this month.


The bespoke HOTCAKES have had the legs and cable tray powder coated red, so the whole of the base  will be a bright strong red.



The top is a white laminate with a red edging to match the base. HOTCAKES desks will bring some colour and life to the WMG offices. Bringing people together, these desks are designed for collaboration and generating great ideas.



Unwrapping the parts to these bespoke desks is like Christmas! HOTCAKES love the colour and WMG are extremely excited to have the desks installed. From designing the tiny details on motors large or small, the guys up at WMG have a keen eye for detail. Understanding structure and fixtures, WMG will appreciate HOTCAKES’s little finishes as they know every part completes the overall finish.