We have started a revolution in the workplace with beautiful, sustainable desks that spark creativity and innovation.


Designed to boost productivity in the office by creating spaces perfect for collaboration, our circular desks are stunning to look at, and inspiring to work at. Not only that, but by replacing traditional rectangular desks with HOTCAKES products, companies can comfortably fit 25 per cent more people on a floor.


Sustainability is at the forefront of the design. HOTCAKES dramatically reduces the carbon footprint during production by manufacturing the desks near the delivery location. So if a Madrid company orders them, they’re built in Spain, but if you order them from Leeds, it’s done in the UK.


These desks have been a real labour of love for us. We really believe that you can make a huge improvement to both the wellbeing of employees and the productivity of your company by changing the environment.


What we’re really proud of is that even though you can greatly increase the amount of people on a floor, the desks actually make it feel much more spacious. We’ve designed them to look beautiful, because there’s overwhelming evidence to show that when people love the place where they’re working, they’re far more productive.


Take a recent study from the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, which analysed the behaviour of over 700 people and found that improving happiness made workers around 12 per cent more productive.


Check out our interactive website where every customer can build their own version of the desk, choosing colours, seat capacity and other accessories at the click of a mouse.


Buyers can also order a completely bespoke desk where practically anything is possible, whether that’s covering the surface in glitter or including custom branding to personalise each one.


Our desks are available now at hotcakes.com