We've redesigned the 9 to 5

You want an office filled with inspiration and productivity. An office that works for you, not the other way round. And like all the best ideas, the answer is deceptively simple.

Tear down the cubicles, rip out the partitions, and kill the strip lighting. Start with the perfect desk, and create a space people will love.

Spark a revolution. With a circle.

Gather round, because this is worth seeing. No corners, just one beautiful curve designed to inspire teamwork and create space for 25 per cent more people. A circle is social, people see eye-to-eye, and everyone faces the right way. Forwards.

Make room for big ideas

The office shouldn't be an obstacle course of filing cabinets and dead ends. Creativity needs space to breathe, so push the storage to the walls, create flow through the room, and the innovation will flood in.

Tipping the work-life balance in your favour

One moment you're giving a presentation, the next it's buffet and drinks. Hotdesking one minute, then quick-change into training or the AGM. You need a versatile space that can keep up, so that whether you're hitting deadlines, entertaining clients, or taking a break, everyone's sitting comfortably.

Three’s a crowd. Eight’s a collaboration.

Eight chairs plus one desk equals a whole load of innovation. Sitting together is perfect for nurturing ideas, it fuels inspiration, and it's a catalyst for conversation. So look around, stop emailing and get some real work done.

Locally manufactured, wherever you are

Precision digital technology cuts every section from just two sheets of wood, all in a factory near you to minimise the carbon footprint. With very high recycled content, clever packaging and ultra-lightweight for delivery, it's built with sustainability in mind.

Work shouldn't be a grey area. Fill it with colour.

Chose any shade you like. A splash of red. A flash of pink. A bolt of blue. Anything but gloomy grey. Bright ideas are born in brighter places – grey matter works better in colour.

Designed by us, direct to you

No middlemen extending the supply chain. No August shutdown creating agonising delays. No hidden extras pushing the price up. It's just you and us. We create it, you enjoy it, everybody's happy.

Build your own